Fill your freezer with the best


½ Beef (350 lbs)
Front quarter
Hind quarter
½ of ½

1/4 Beef • Approximately 175 lbs

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you can view, download, and print.

Here’s What You Get:

8 – ¾ inch thick Rib Steaks or Ribeyes – or 1 Prime Rib Roast

6 – 3 to 3 ½ pound Pot Roasts
2 Arm Roasts and 4 Blade Chuck Roasts. If your family does not eat a lot of roasts, we can cut a few then make Chuck Steaks, or add it to your Ground Beef.

3 – 1-pound packages Beef Stew meat
We can also cut 2 to 3 soup bones, if desired.

6 pounds Rolled Rump Roast
Cut to 3-pound to 4-pound roasts, as desired.

1 – 3-pound Sirloin Tip Roast
We can also cut this into thin-sliced sandwich steaks, if desired.

5 – ½ inch thick Round Steaks
You can also have these tenderized for Cubed Steak or thick-cut for Swiss Steak.

3 Sirloin Steaks
¾ inch to 1” thick. 1 per package. 2 to 2 ½ pounds each.

1 package Boneless Sirloin Steaks

3 – ¾ inch thick Porterhouse Steaks

5 – ¾ inch thick T-Bone Steaks

30 pounds Ground Beef
The meat trimmings will yield approximately 30 pound of ground beef and will be approximately 80% lean (better than the “ground beef” most stores sell) packaged in 1 pound, 1 ½ pound, 2 pound, 3 pound, or patties.

Optional items: Flank steak, Skirt steak, Brisket, Beef liver, Beef heart, Beef tongue, or Oxtail.


Whole Hog (160 lbs)
½ Hog
Hog Roast pigs available • Call for details

1/2 Hog • Approximately 80 lbs

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you can view, download, and print.

Here’s What You Get:

35 – ½ inch thick Pork Chops
Options are: boneless, butterfly, and pocket chops. The thickness can be adjusted, but remember that the thicker the chops, the fewer you get.

1 – 4-pound Pork Loin Roast
Or, you can have a boneless roast or country ribs made if you would prefer either of those.

10 – ½ inch thick Pork Steaks
These can be made into tenderized cutlets – or you can make another Pork Shoulder Roast – or – you can put this into your sausage selection.

1 – 4-pound Pork Shoulder Roast
Or you can make more Pork Steaks – or – make pork cutlets – or you can put this into your sausage selection.

18-20 pounds of Smoked Ham
Other options would be to turn this into sausage, made into boneless netted Pork Roasts, or made into Fresh Ham Roasts, which tastes like regular roast pork when cooked to your liking.

8-10 pounds of Smoked Bacon
Other options would be to turn this into fresh side (which is non-cured bacon) or have it cut up and put into your trimmings for sausage.

1 – 3-pound Slab of Spare Ribs
Can also be trimmed off the bone for sausage.

8 pounds of Sausage
You have lots of choices for your sausage: bulk breakfast sausage, breakfast links, Polish, bratwurst, bratwurst w/cheese, Italian bulk and linked, Swedish potato, green onion, coarse-ground taco meat, pork shish kabob meat, ground pork, and pork burgers.

Optional items: jowl bacon and pork liver

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