The Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association (IJBCA) supports organizations that intend to further support and promote Indiana’s beef industry. The purpose of this grant is to support the selected organizations in their project endeavors. The project has a concentration in the beef cattle industry.

Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association Grant

In May Hanford Packing applied for the Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association’s grant to help cover the cost of their new beef splitting saw. We are grateful to announce that the IJBCA awarded our business with this opportunity. 

The beef splitting saw vertically splits the whole beef carcass into two sides so that it can be aged for two weeks and then processed. Prior to the new saw, uneven splits were seen and the action of splitting the carcass took longer than it needed. Why are consistent, even splits essential? Well just like how you take the same way to work every morning, our saw guy wants to cut every beef with a similar technique. Our cut floor employees need to create each cut of meat the same to ensure happy customers. With an uneven split, the saw guy might have to take an extra two minutes to fix a cut, and no minute can be wasted.

 We are more than thankful for the assistance on the purchase of the saw, and are already seeing improvements within the splits. The IJBCA is a youth organization built to raise educated cattlemen and cattlewomen. Please take one second to check out what they are all about on the IJBCA website. As a beef processor, Hanford Packing strongly supports the IJBCA and what they do for the public because growing and raising quality beef starts before it enters the packing plant, it begins with the producers back at the farm. 

Hanford Packing and its employees look forward to contributing a shift at the Ribeye Tent during the Indiana State fair on August 13th to show its gratitude towards the IJBCA. We cannot wait to serve everyone there!

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