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To our valued customers and friends:


In the 50-plus years that we have served our customers, we have never experienced the kind of situation we are in today, so please let me explain what’s happening.

First and most important, we are not closing down and are not going out of business. Lord willing, Hanford Packing Company will be here to provide the best quality meat available for many years to come.

But right now we are seeing enormous demand (especially for bulk meat purchases) and, being a small shop, we honestly cannot get our existing beef and hog orders butchered as quickly as we need to and want to—even though we’re doing the best we can while we also stay focused on keeping everyone here safe.

We are working as hard as we can to process orders as quickly as we can, but we are already committed to considerably more bulk meat orders than we typically receive.

That means two things:

First, that anyone placing a new bulk beef or hog order today will have to wait longer than normal for their order.

Second, it means that we have to temporarily stop all of our retail “walk-in” sales.

We apologize to you for this inconvenience. We respect you, our customers. We not only value you but consider you our friends. So this is very hard for us to do and, honestly, has caused us sleepless nights.

We thank you for your patronage for all these years and ask for your continued patience as we work through these difficult times.

If you would like to receive updates from us as we move forward, please use the form below and we’ll keep you informed.

Thank you again for your loyalty, and may God bless us all.



Harry Hanford


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Only the finest fresh, locally-source meat…from our family to yours

Family owned and operated, Hanford Packing Company has provided the highest quality meat for over 50 years.

With more than half a century of experience in our community, we have earned the reputation for the level of quality and service you just can’t find in your grocer’s meat section.

Our beef, pork, and bison are raised locally in the feed lots of your friends and neighbors in Newton County and the surrounding areas. Each of our providers has been carefully chosen. Each of our providers takes great pride in knowing they are raising the very finest quality freezer meats available anywhere in the country today.

Call us at 219-345-3755 or even better, come visit us at 11391 N. State Road 55 in DeMotte (Thayer), Indiana.

We’re just south of the Kankakee River. It’s a beautiful drive.

We’re open Monday through Friday from 7 AM until 5 PM and Saturday from 8 AM until Noon. We’re closed on Sundays.